Functional analysis of ventilators under hyperbaric conditions.



38.553 air rescue missions are flown every year. 16.5% (n = 6347) of the inserts concern of disorders of the respiratory function with acute dyspnea. 5.7% of the rescue (n = 1924) are carried out specifically because of diseases of the lungs, resulting in a total of 3560 treatment cases (9.2%) leads to the implementation of mechanical ventilation therapy.
This therapy with ventilators takes place during the helicopter flight in 28.8% with Emergency and in 71.3% with ventilators from intensive therapy. Notfallrespiratoren are portable ventilators with a limited range of functions. If ventilations performed they take place in 16.6% as volume-controlled ventilation and in 14.6% as a pressure-controlled ventilation. Only in 2.5% of cases of treatment assisted ventilation is performed. In 66.3% was no differentiation of mechanical ventilation therapy. Thus about 10,000 individual measurements were carried out by 7 ventilators in 5 height profiles and 7 measurements per device. It is certain that no one breathing gas distribution Kompaktrespirator Oxylog 3000 in Zweikompartmentmodell in volume controlled mode for 750 ml with 341.254 ml * s may specify.



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Schedler, O., & Stein, E. (2016). Functional analysis of ventilators under hyperbaric conditions. Berlin Medical Journal, 1(1). Abgerufen von

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